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I am Ramona Karklina and  I am the one in charge of this wonderful team of white dogs.

I started working with dogs in 1982 and I have been a breeder  of American cockers for 22 years.

Yet in 2002 the hearts of our family of 6 were won over by wonderful, strong, lively and graceful animas-

SAMOYEDS ,fondly referred to as SAMMIES all over the world.



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Kenventaki kennel believes in preserving the natural Samoyed appearance. We are strongly against trimming and artificial embellishments, as it leads to this old breed turning from a working dog into a decorative breed. This, as we think, is totally unacceptable; it betrays and destroys the heritage of ancestors. For centuries Samoyeds have managed to remain a primitive breed and escape human transformation.
We believe that the 21st century breeders should respect it and remember that the Samoyed is not a fashion article; it is a loyal and vital family friend, a working dog. A dog that herded reindeer, hunted polar bears and helped people to survive in the biting winds of the North. Let’s make them our family, not fancy house decorations subject to mystical whims of fashion and humans.
You will only be able to find natural, untrimmed Samoyeds in Kenventaki kennel, the way nature has created them and the way they should be according to the FCI standard.