Our Sammie kennel is quite new. Print

The first Sammie-girl, ALBA ARABELLA VIDNAVSKA ZARE (ARABELLA), flew in just before Christmas 2002 from the Czech kennel "VIDNAVSKA ZARE". Arabella with her overwhelming friendliness and characteristic Sammie smile made us smile more often and become more optimistic.
After a year, we went to a wonderful kennel in Slovakia to pick up our next Sammie-boy. We got our fluffy
AMACHO OF XAMBA YOSHI AND US (MACHO) from Jana, Mario and Janka of "YOSHI and US"
Our youngest pet, DREAM OWL XAMBA YOSHI AND US, called Puuce in our family also comes from this excellent kennel. The mummie of both MACHO and DREAM OWL (Puuce), Humoresque Snowy Xamba, is the World Winner WW06!!!
We are extremely proud!
Our fourth Sammie, BERIMORS KENVENTAKI, is a real representative of the "Kenventaki" kennel and the local "boss".

On 26 january 2008 ,a new friend -a small papillon girl nicknamed Poga (Greip Ginger Aurie Honey) joined the white Kenventaki Sammie mafia. Poga believes that she's the mafia boss and thinks that she's actually a sammie ,too.

You will not find any professional dog photos on this website.These will be snapshots of the daily life of our Sammies ,yet captured with love. Thes snapshots will give you a brief but truthful insight into what Sammies really are and of Sammie -related activities in Latvia and abroad.

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