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Jaunumi / July 21/22,2018

Mūs atbalsta

July 21/22,2018 Drukāt E-pasts

 Three shows on two wonderful hot summer days at

   double Ogre National Dog Shows and Group V show with interesting results.
Day 1
Expert Enrico Drudi (San Marino)
Our little ''Mis Bikini''

KENVENTAKI ORCHID DREAM in intermediate class - exc.1, CQ, BF5

KENVENTAKI NEVER LOST FAITH ''Mika ''in open class - exc.1
Day 2
Group V show - breed expert Franjo Kovacev ( Croatia )
KENVENTAKI ORCHID DREAM despite her bikini, in intermediate class - exc.1, CQ, BF1, BOO
Nice that an expert can look past the summer coat and appreciate the anatomy and overall looks. 

KENVENTAKI NEVER LOST FAITH in open class - exc.1, CQ.

The second CAC show an hour later was both kind of funny and disappointing at the same time.

Expert - Alessandro Zeppi (It)
Kenventaki Orchid Dream in intermediate class - very good because her ears had become too big and the legs too short.:))))))
Our actress Mika in open class managed to hold her exc.1.
Anyway, congratulations to all winners and participants of this show marathon spent in an excellent company.


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