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Jaunumi / December 15,2018

Mūs atbalsta

December 15,2018 Drukāt E-pasts

 Riga, 15/12/2018 FCI group 5 speciality show,

expert Kalvo Kriisk (EST)

   KENVENTAKI NEVER FAILYNG FRIEND in Open class excellent-1/3, CQ,BF1,BOS

   KENVENTAKI NEVER LOST FAITH - first time in champion class, exc.2/2, CQ, BF 4/5.

  KENVENTAKI ORCHID DREAM in Open class excellent-2/3, CQ , CAC, BF5. With this Jeen closes LVCH


                            Wonderful ending of the year!        
                 Thank you to the owners Julia,Linda,Dagnija that you love, spoil and groom your wonderful pets!


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